Noble Systems Adds Real-time Screening to its Contact Center Speech Analytics

Noble Systems, a provider of contact center technology solutions, has introduced Noble Real-time Speech Analytics (RTSA) for improved quality and compliance management. Real-time Speech Analytics analyzes phrases and sentiment during a phone call to make immediate decisions on next steps, resulting in reduced average call handle time and improved customer satisfaction.

Noble RTSA works as interactions are taking place to identify situations or opportunities, and can automatically send agents the right information for the next step so that they can respond quickly. The system can help agents answer questions or resolve issues more efficiently, or signal them to act on new sales opportunities. It can also notify a manager that assistance is needed with a difficult caller or that a required call element is missing. Noble RTSA works with Noble’s Composer agent desktop and Harmony mobile manager portal to send agent and manager notifications that result in more proactive customer interactions.

Noble RTSA also provides immediate feedback to managers by producing two scoring factors for each call. The first factor is a compliance score, which measures agents’ conformance with rules, regulations or best practices that are critical to the agent achieving the objectives of the call, as well as to the organization’s overall regulatory compliance programs. The second scoring factor is a “positivity” score, which can influence the probability of getting the desired result for the call and can indicate whether calls are following the pattern or standards set forth for your organization.

“As a supplement to traditional interaction analytics, Real-time Speech Analytics plays an important role in quality management programs. While post-call analytics offer value by diving deeper into customer interactions to identify trends and areas for operational improvements, RTSA allows you to apply those findings to live calls,” says Chris Hodges, Noble Systems’ senior vice president, sales and marketing, in a statement.

“The ability to take action quickly while conforming to best practices and compliance regulations results in a better customer experience, improved customer satisfaction, reduced costs, decreased customer and agent churn, and increased revenues.”