Nimble and Talkdesk Develop Social Call Center for Sales Teams

Nimble, a provider in social business relationship management, announced a new integration with Talkdesk, which will automatically pair everything from a customer's contact history—including tickets, notes and cases from helpdesk systems—with rich customer data provided by a Nimble contact record for efficient business engagement.

The companies said that by allowing users to update and manage their tasks and contacts between both platforms, the integration allows businesses to effectively create virtual, social call centers for sales teams.

“Nimble's integration with Talkdesk is yet another way we are ensuring our customers will always have the most current, comprehensive and up-to-date information for their most important business contacts,” said Jon Ferrara, CEO of Nimble, in a statement. “By integrating with Talkdesk, we are providing our customers with enhanced contact information that is instrumental in improving sales call performance and increasing sales productivity.”

With the intuitive integration, users can view all of their Talkdesk data in one interface, regardless of which channel the original contact came from, such as tickets, emails, messages, chats, social media and phone interactions. The synchronization also allows users to create tasks on Nimble directly from the Talkdesk interface and automate tasks with follow-up schedules to make sales teams more efficient.

As users activate the Nimble integration from within Talkdesk, all of their contacts will be automatically synchronized, providing a more efficient way to handle calls, emails, chats and tickets. Additionally, the integration will streamline customer service, as users can now create and edit notes, update contacts and make changes across both platforms even while on the phone.

“This integration will completely streamline sales processes for our users,” said Tiago Paiva, CEO of Talkdesk, in a statement. “Talkdesk and Nimble continuously synchronize contacts between both systems, which not only saves teams the valuable time traditionally spent entering all contact information manually into their new system, but provides a more enhanced record that gives sales teams a clearer picture of each customer.”