Nimble Boosts CRM Platform with Smart Summary Contact Feature

Nimble has added a new “Smart Summary” feature in its relationship management platform and associated apps.

Smart Summary is a precise, detailed background summary, dossier-style information about any contact that makes it easier to establish and build natural working relationships.

The Smart Summary shows biography, career background, company information, common connections, educational background, geographic location, Klout influence score, investments, and more in a concise sidebar summary. The new feature provides immediate and relevant context and helps create a more detailed picture of any contact.

With digital footprints growing in size and networks expanding exponentially, it’s becoming more difficult to keep contacts straight. Nimble updates the Smart Summary information daily, so the picture of any person is current and accurate. Users can quickly remind themselves who a contact is, why they are important, and find points of commonality and interest, the company said.

Alongside the Smart Summary is an option to share the profile directly via email. This feature provides a way to introduce someone with ample context on that individual. It also provides sufficient background with which to begin a meaningful conversation -- enabling Nimble users to become fabulous connectors. Nimble records profile sharing in the ‘Pending & History’ Tab.

“By iterating as fast as we have, we’re changing the way people go about their daily routines,” said Nimble CEO Jon Ferrara, in a statement. “We understand how important having context around individual profiles is to business success. By giving our customers the insights they need, everywhere they work, Nimble is becoming the trusted go-to platform for business relationship success.”