NewVoiceMedia Launches ContactWorld for Wearables

NewVoiceMedia, a provider of cloud technology, has launched ContactWorld for Wearables on the Salesforce AppExchange. ContactWorld for Wearables was built with the Salesforce Wear Developer Pack, a collection of open-source starter apps that let developers design and build wearable apps that connect to wearable devices and the Salesforce App Cloud.

NewVoiceMedia offers a contact solution for the Apple Watch to sales and customer service professionals. The application provides critical data to professionals on the go and helps sales and customer service reps access their Salesforce data anytime, from anywhere.

"We developed ContactWorld to make customer engagement easier and more successful for sales and service professionals," said NewVoiceMedia CEO Jonathan Gale in a statement. "Extending the platform to wearable devices was the next logical step for us to support that mission. By launching ContactWorld for Wearables, we're enabling our users to offer exceptional service to their customers without being tied to their computers or compromising their busy schedules."

Key product features include the following:

  • ContactWorld for Wearables in Sales: ContactWorld for Wearables notifies salespeople of incoming calls. Call notifications contain the prospect’s name, position, company, and open opportunities. ContactWorld for Wearables syncs with email and phone history, so information is always up-to-date.
  • ContactWorld for Wearables in Service: ContactWorld for Wearables provides contact center managers with real-time notifications to changes in service-level agreements or key performance indicators.
  • Salesforce Wear for the Salesforce App Cloud: Salesforce Wear on the Salesforce App Cloud allows developers, partners, and customers to kick-start a wearable strategy. With access to a growing library of devices, sample code, documentation, demonstrations and reference apps, enterprise developers can start building business applications connected to wearable devices.

"Wearables in the enterprise are driving improved business performance," said Lindsey Irvine, head of Salesforce Wear, in a statement. "Like smartphones, the key to success for wearables will be all about amazing business apps. By leveraging the power of the Salesforce App Cloud and Salesforce Wear, NewVoiceMedia is helping companies connect with their customers in entirely new ways."