NewVoiceMedia Drops Spring '18 Release

NewVoiceMedia, a provider of cloud contact center and inside sales technology, today introduced its Spring '18 release with new omnichannel and digital capabilities.

Businesses can now route voice and interactions through email, chat, SMS, video, and social channels in an integrated and unified manner.

NewVoiceMedia has also added enhanced analytics to Conversation Analyzer, its integrated speech analytics solution. Now integrated with's Einstein Analytics engine and with built-in Einstein dashboards, businesses can analyze customer conversations, which are then automatically made available in Salesforce. Conversation Analyzer uses speech-to-text to transcribe calls and deliver intelligent content categorization for actionable insights into the business.

"Digital transformation is about changing the way businesses operate and interact with customers to provide a better experience, and we're passionate about helping drive great conversations across all customer touchpoints," said Moni Manor, chief product officer at NewVoiceMedia, in a statement. "With this release, we are one of the first to market with a fully integrated omnichannel contact center solution which will enable organizations to leverage their Salesforce digital channels without switching to a third-party solution for the unified digital and voice experience. This means companies using Salesforce can provide a rich, consistent, and integrated experience irrespective of the channel chosen by the customer."

"Salesforce empowers businesses to offer customers a rich, connected omnichannel experience. Ensuring that the contact center is part of that experience is critical to business success. The NewVoiceMedia platform is one of the first contact center solutions to offer Salesforce customers the ability to deliver that experience across both voice and Salesforce-implemented digital channels," said Tony Bone, regional vice president of Service Cloud at Salesforce, in a statement. "Unified routing coupled with tight integration with Salesforce enable customers to leverage their existing Salesforce implementations and obtain deep visibility and management across all their interaction channels."

"A seamless, integrated, omnichannel contact center solution has become essential for businesses seeking to compete on customer experience," said Sheila McGee-Smith, founder and principal analyst at McGee-Smith Analytics, in a statement. "With the omnichannel capability from NVM and the dedicated focus it has put on tight integration with Salesforce, businesses can deliver that kind of omnichannel experience, offering not only consistency, but also up-to-date customer interaction information irrespective of the interaction channel."