New Zendesk Customer Service Solution Offers Embedded Self-Service, Live Chat

Zendesk has announced a suite of embeddable features that allow companies to build customer support and engagement into mobile and Web apps, Web sites, games, and other online experiences. The proliferation of apps and devices has led customers to expect that customer service is available directly within their mobile apps and online activities. This shift represents an opportunity for companies to differentiate themselves by putting their support at the forefront of their user experiences.

Zendesk Embeddables is launching with a new mobile SDK (software development kit) and Web widget that allow organizations to offer self-service through Help Center, ticket submissions and real-time chat to customers within the context of their preferred mobile apps and online channels. Customers no longer need to visit a separate help section or leave an app for service.

“We envision a future where service and engagement are immersed in the customer experience,” said Adrian McDermott, senior vice president of product development at Zendesk, in a statement. “Zendesk's mission is to help organizations build long-term relationships with their customers. Embeddables strengthen those relationships by putting engagement with customers directly in the right place at the right time, while giving agents more context to personalize their interactions.”

Zendesk Embeddables are available at no cost to the more than 48,000 customer accounts using Zendesk's customer service platform and is simple for developers to embed. With three clicks, developers can add the Web widget to their Web site or app. By including one line of code, developers can embed the mobile SDK. Organizations also can deploy more advanced and customized integrations with the Zendesk API.

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Posted January 21, 2015