New Genesys Guru Solution Provides Cloud-Based Expert Services

Genesys has rolled out Genesys Guru, a portfolio of cloud-based expert services that helps customers leverage the Genesys Customer Experience Platform, with initial offerings focused on workforce optimization (WFO).

Genesys Guru offers customers expert services to identify, analyze and optimize business processes and workforce issues that may jeopardize their customer experience, impact their ability to meet regulatory requirements, or delay their time to value with their technology investments. 

Genesys Guru delivers business and operational expertise, best practices, and analytical insights to accelerate time to value and to achieve operational cost savings and desired business performance. By reducing risk and pressure associated with the planning, analysis and ongoing improvements of business processes and workforce performance, Genesys customers can focus on what matters most to their operations, workforce and overall business of consistently.

Guru provides customers with access to new capabilities previously only available via direct hiring and reduces the associated cost and complexity of recruiting, hiring, training and retaining experts to manage Workforce Optimization applications and other analytics or operational solutions. These new services include access to:

  • Planning experts to help maximize operational and workforce efficiencies through optimal configuration, forecasting and scheduling.
  • Interaction Analysis experts to optimize speech and text analyses, to improve workforce quality and performance, to understand the voice of the customer and to enable continuous KPI improvement.
  • Business Performance experts to identify recommendations and benchmarks for the improvement of the overall customer journey – across contact centers and other touchpoints – by collecting, analyzing and interpreting all performance and workforce data from across the business.

Guru can be tailored to unique customer needs, ranging from Genesys experts working alongside customers’ operations teams to address implementation, daily reporting and regular solution tuning needs to options with Genesys experts taking on the bulk of the planning, analysis and management of the system.

“Guru brings new cloud-based expertise in workforce optimization and CX transformation to help organizations of all sizes achieve new levels of efficiency and business performance,” said Reed Henry, CMO, Genesys, in a statement. “These unique expert services complement our comprehensive customer experience platform, and accelerate the momentum we’ve built in the market. Guru fills a void in the market by closing the gap in the skills and expertise required to effectively manage digital and voice customer interactions and journeys.”

Guru complements both cloud-based and on-premises deployments of Genesys Customer Experience Platform Editions, with a variety of flexible service offers, competitively priced based on service duration and scope. Guru experts can work with existing customer resources and deployments, or as part of a new, complete cloud solution.