NICE inContact Adds Passage.AI to DEVone

Passage.AI, a developer of artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language understanding/processing (NLU/P) technology, has joined the NICE inContact DEVone program and provides a conversational bot-building application integrated with the NICE inContact CXone cloud customer experience platform.

NICE inContact customers can now use Passage.AI's conversational interface integrated with CXone to further automate customer service and virtual assistant functionality. The Passage.AI platform enables them to do the following:

  • Build highly versatile AI chatbots without writing a line of code in just a few weeks;
  • Automate routine and often mundane tasks and provide instantaneous responses to common questions; and
  • Develop bots or features once and deploy them on 16 chat and voice platforms, such as the web interface, iOS and Android apps, Facebook Messenger, Amazon Alexa, and Google Home.

Passage.AI's bot-building tool's deep learning model enables Passage.AI bots to understand users, regardless of how they express themselves. Passage.AI understands natural language text and speech, creating an intelligent conversational interface capable of identifying intents, extracting pertinent and timely information, understanding and responding to queries, and searching through vast amounts of data.

"NICE inContact is changing the game in the contact center space, and we hope to do the same in the world of conversational AI," said Ravi Raj, CEO of Passage.AI, in a statement. "Our integration with CXone allows AI to be used to improve employee and customer satisfaction and dramatically lower customer service costs. A recent survey found that approximately 60 percent of customer service professionals plan to deploy chatbots in their department in the next three years. We believe chatbots will be the next major technology embraced in the contact center."

"As the leading cloud customer experience platform, we are giving companies the ability to stay on the cutting edge by facilitating easy adoption of automation and AI technology," said Paul Jarman, CEO of NICE inContact, in a statement. "Partners with innovative applications, like Passage.AI's bot-builder platform, combined with CXone Open Cloud Foundation, is powering rapid innovation and enabling new ways to create standout customer experiences. We welcome Passage.AI as part of the CXexchange marketplace."