NICE Releases GDPR Compliance Solution for Contact Centers

NICE has released the GDPR Compliance Center, a solution for meeting the requirements of the European Union's new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in the contact center. The NICE solution streamlines the implementation of mechanisms for the adequate processing of private data recorded to achieve greater transparency.

The GDPR, which will take effect May 25, reforms data protection laws and impacts all organizations processing data on European Union subjects. Organizations that fail to comply could be subjected to large fines.

Designed to provide actionable intelligence for proactive and corrective action aligned with the principles of the GDPR, NICE's solution helps companies implement a privacy by design approac through the monitoring of their data governance practices.

NICE GDPR Compliance Center includes dedicated dashboards that monitor data governance processes and notify users about potential breaches or vulnerabilities. It also comprises do-it-yourself capabilities to satisfy customer requests for the "right to be forgotten" and "right to access" or data portability. Based on NICE's Engage recording solution, this tailored GDPR compliance offering also allows for the recording and verification of customer consent to ensure that no sensitive data is stored. Furthermore, it addresses the security aspects of the regulation with media encryption, dedicated anonymization processes, and authorization controls to ensure that access to sensitive data is strictly limited.

A specific GDPR-oriented component of the NICE Compliance Center platform, the new offering supports a wide array of solutions for record keeping, PCI DSS, MiFID II consumer protection and privacy regulations, including HIPAA, SEC-17, CFPB, and more.

"As privacy becomes a customer experience differentiator and driven by the risk of heavy fines, complying with GDPR is a huge concern for our customers worldwide," said Miki Migdal, president of the Enterprise Product Group at NICE, in a statement. "NICE GDPR Compliance Center offers a unique solution that leverages our market-leading recording and analytics technologies to ensure companies can easily meet the new regulatory requirements. With the best-of-breed NICE compliance software at their fingertips, IT teams, contact center agents, and compliance officers alike can rest assured they are fully prepared ahead of the changes GDPR is set to bring about."