NICE Launches RPA 7.5

NICE has released version 7.5 of its robotic process automation (RPA) solution with advanced artificial intelligence capabilities that provide smarter, more customized process recommendations. Real-time behavioral guidance enables NEVA (NICE Employee Virtual Attendant) to guide agents toward more first contact resolutions and customer satisfaction.

NICE RPA 7.5 extends support across all phases of the automation lifecycle, from discovery to deployment and driving continuous improvements beyond. Expanded capabilities include the following:

  • Automation discovery (or task mining) with NICE's Automation Finder is now even smarter thanks to artificial intelligence. Automation Finder now learns organizations' unique data and process characteristics as it responds to ongoing input from business analysts.
  • Tailored real-time guidance to customers' unique needs through deeper integration between NEVA and NICE Enlighten AI.
  • Advanced, cloud-optimized deployment.

"With the announcement of RPA 7.5, we bring to the CX industry smarter automation discovery made possible by our rapid AI capability advancements," said Barry Cooper, president of the NICE Workforce & Customer Experience Group, in a statement. "Leveraging this unique AI, process automations are more tightly aligned with company needs, allowing them to guide agents across each customer's unique situation in the moment that matters and in a way that becomes personalized. This transforms interactions into extraordinary service experiences supporting critical business priorities, improving the bottom line."