NICE Launches CXone@home for Contact Center Transitions to Work-From-Home

NICE inContact today launched CXone@home, a limited-time offering to support organizations as they respond to the coronavirus pandemic.

The CXone@home cloud-native offering is designed to enable contact centers to transition their workforces to work from home in 48 hours or less. CXone@home is also available to organizations with on-premises infrastructure that still do not use CXone and enables expediting their response to COVID-19. CXone@home is offered to them with no commitment, no contract, and free for 45 days. Powered by the CXone cloud platform, CXone@home key functionality includes automatic call distributor, interactive voice response, audio recording, and e-learning with no maximum seat limits.

The contact center industry faces the challenge of transitioning more than 15 million office-based employees to work from home.

"During this time of uncertainty related to COVID-19, it is especially hard on contact centers that are at the heart of organizations," said Barak Eilam, CEO of NICE, in a statement. "As we speak, our customers are racing to transition employees to work from home to maintain business continuity and handle spikes in interaction volume. NICE is taking this important step with CXone@home to do our part, removing barriers and giving organizations the tools they need as they rapidly respond to a changing world."