NICE Launches CXone Summer 21 Release

NICE today unveiled its CXone Summer 2021 release, with smart digital self-service and customized next-best-action guidance capabilities.

New features in the NICE CXone Summer 2021 product release include the following: 

  • NICE CXone Expert, which enables businesses to engage customers and prospects earlier by extending knowledge to wherever it is needed, from internet searches and web pages to bots, combining search engine optimization (SEO), knowledge management, analytics, and automation.
  • CXone Agent Assist Hub, which consolidates and integrates CXone native and third-party smart applications, including embedded artificial intelligence-driven real-time behavioral coaching and knowledge assistance for agents handling voice interactions.
  • CXone Real-Time Interaction Guidance, which uses NICE Enlighten AI for targeted agent coaching on every call, now available in more regions and agent workspaces. This includes new support for international English (Canada, U.K., New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Philippines, Singapore, among others) and as an embedded option within the Salesforce agent desktop.
  • Compliance with STIR/SHAKEN standards to validate outbound calls and SMS messages.

"Consumers expect service interactions to be just like their experiences with family and friends, a fluid conversation across channels that can stop and start to fit their schedules. With the NICE CXone 2021 Summer release, we've continued to reimagine the whole customer journey and are empowering organizations to deliver specific answers to their customers at the start of their search: on mobile apps, websites, or a web search. With innovative capabilities that make every touchpoint along the journey smarter and by providing full context, we believe organizations have the power to deliver the next-gen, digitally fluent CX consumers are looking for," said Paul Jarman, NICE CXone CEO, in a statement.