NICE Launches CXone Smart Assist with Amelia

NICE today launched CXone SmartAssist powered by Amelia, providers of a conversational artificial intelligence solution for customer service.

The expanded partnership further pairs NICE CXone's advanced analytical and digital capabilities and NICE Enlighten AI with Amelia's conversational AI technology to allow organizations to build and deploy intelligent self-service.

CXone SmartAssist is designed to solve customer requests without the need for human support and to learn with every interaction for even deeper connections the next time. Additionally, the solution will assist companies in designing custom intelligent virtual assistants for unique use cases.

"Consumers are increasingly engaging in digital conversations and prefer brands that provide 24/7 support in the way they prefer, and they have quickly come to expect an effortless experience in their moment of need," said Paul Jarman, CEO NICE CXone, in a statement. "AI-powered technologies enable these customer-controlled experiences through the rapid delivery of personalized services and end-to-end care. The out-of-the-box machine learning-imbued intelligence powered by Amelia will help organizations digitally transform through automation and cognitive technology to lower costs, improve productivity and grow their business."

"Human-machine collaboration adds significant value for businesses, employees, and customers alike," said Scott Kohn, chief channel officer of Amelia, in a statement. "Conversational and self-learning AI like CXone SmartAssist, powered by Amelia, is a significant differentiator for any business, delivering the best elements of human interactions to everyday user experiences. Add to that the enormous interactions data pool supplied by NICE's CXone and Enlighten AI, and you've got a very sophisticated and unique digital employee that is capable of recalling a volume of business logic that's needed to really understand how your customers interact with your business."