NICE Introduces Total Voice of the Customer

NICE Systems has released Total Voice of the Customer (TVOC), the latest addition to the NICE VOC suite of solutions.

TVOC leverages NICE's Voice of the Customer solution, alongside NICE's Interaction Analytics capabilities. The solution enables companies to listen to and register what their customers are saying, directly and indirectly, in calls, chats, email, on the Web, and in any other channel and analyze the interactions to extract implicit feedback data.

NICE TVOC adds voice recordings, social engagement, chat logs, and other digital channels to multichannel surveys to deliver a complete picture of customer disposition. It also leverages the power of the reams of data captured during millions of conversations to yield valuable, actionable insights into customers' thoughts, including those not obtained in surveys.

NICE TVOC can also analyze the unstructured content of the customer communication across all channels. The insight derived can be used with other data to map emotional expression to observed behaviors to understand customer desires, motivations, and actions.

"There are many ways to survey, but in a multichannel world you need more than just survey questions. Instead you need to listen at key inflection points in the customer lifecycle so that you can understand problems that result in a lower customer satisfaction score and may ultimately lead to customer churn," said Miki Migdal, president of the NICE Enterprise Product Group, in a statement. "With NICE Total VOC not only can you understand customer emotion, you can see which actions you need to take to build customer loyalty and brand advocacy."

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Posted February 26, 2016