NICE Integrates with Google Cloud Contact Center Artificial Intelligence

NICE is now collaborating with Google Cloud to address the growing demand for automated customer self-service systems that integrate with traditional contact centers. NICE is integrating its cloud-based, artificial intelligence-powered CXone customer experience platform with Google Cloud Contact Center Artificial Intelligence (CCAI).

NICE CXone provides no-code/low-code integration and consolidated journey orchestration with Google Cloud CCAI to enable intelligent natural language capabilities across various stages of the customer journey, including self-service bots and agent-facing virtual assistants. This empowers businesses to offer smarter self-service conveniences and AI-enhanced assistance.

CXone Virtual Agent Hub allows businesses to expand their customer self-service capabilities with conversational bots for voice and chat leveraging Google Cloud's Contact Center AI. Now, businesses can integrate Google Cloud Dialogflow self-service bots without coding while retaining full control of the customer experience.

Deployed with CXone Agent Assist Hub, companies can use Google Cloud's Agent Assist to empower their customer service representatives with real-time, automated knowledge support during live chat interactions.

"As AI-powered virtual assistants continue to become a more crucial part of the customer service mix, contact centers want flexibility and choice in deploying conversational AI bots," said Paul Jarman, NICE CXone's CEO, in a statement. "Our collaboration with Google Cloud illustrates our commitment to innovation and integration with leading providers. We're proud to provide contact centers with the freedom to adopt AI easily and quickly and drive next-gen, digitally fluent customer experiences."