NICE COMPASS Adds Automated Call Extraction

NICE has added an Automated Call Extraction capability to its NICE COMPASS solution suite for financial services organizations (FSOs).

NICE COMPASS's Automated Call Extraction, which can be layered on top of the NICE Trading Recorder (NTR), provides a secure, auditable solution for responding to regulator requests, especially those involving large volumes of voice trading communications. Compliance managers can find, retrieve, and export all relevant conversations for a compliance investigation by submitting one query, even if the communications were captured on different recorders at different locations, over extended periods of time.

NICE COMPASS's Automated Call Extraction Capability can support highly complex and large investigations, enabling millions of recordings to be downloaded in a single day, with no impact on active recording. Compliance managers build queries within the NICE COMPASS Automated Call Extraction application and they are notified when the job is done. Voice recordings are automatically decrypted and downloaded in a standard, playable format, along with associated call metadata.

"Regulations are placing tremendous demands on FSOs to do more, faster, with existing resources, and these demands will only compound with new regulations like MiFID II," said Chris Wooten, executive vice president of NICE, in a statement. "NICE COMPASS's Automated Call Extraction helps FSOs automate extraction of high volumes of recorded voice trading communications so they can respond to regulatory requests within mandated time periods."