NICE Adds Forecasting to Evolve WFM

NICE has enhanced its Evolve Workforce Management (WFM) solution with staff forecasting functionality for contact centers of all sizes through the cloud.

Precise forecasts of customer demand are created by automatically applying user-defined rules and historical data, taking into account such factors as single- and multi-skill tasks and multichannel requirements. Managers can also use the solution's unlimited what if scenarios to adjust forecasts, staff scheduling and capacity planning at their discretion.

NICE Evolve WFM forecasting offers advanced mathematical methods, such as Box-Jenkins ARIMA, exponential smoothing, and multilinear season regression.

"Accurate forecasting is essential to any organization that prioritizes customer experience. Businesses must ensure that they have the right person in place at the right time to manage customer inquiries in both an efficient and satisfactory manner. We are pleased to make this capability available to businesses of all sizes, with our cloud-based EVOLVE WFM solution," said Miki Migdal, president of the NICE Enterprise Product Group, in a statement. "Our enhanced automated forecasting capabilities, now available in the cloud, will allow organizations to reinvent customer service without the need for downtime, lengthy training, or special integrations with their existing systems."

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Posted July 31, 2017