Mutare Voice Traffic Filter Now Available on Genesys AppFoundry

Mutare, a provider of solutions for voice threat defense, now offers its Voice Traffic Filter as a premium application on the Genesys AppFoundry, a marketplace of solutions for customer and employee experiences.

Genesys customers can now rid the voice channel of threatening, disruptive and time-wasting nuisance and nefarious incoming phone calls. Mutare's solution blocks spammers, scammers, robocallers, and cybercriminals at the network edge before they have a chance to reach the agent call flow. It provides five layers of unwanted call detection technologies that includes a "do no harm" voice CAPTCHA for additional call vetting.

"In the U.S., 5.4 billion robocalls are made each month, and vishing attacks are up 550 percent," said Chuck French, Mutare's chief growth officer, in a statement. "These unwanted calls are a detriment to customer experience, call initiation, agent productivity, and the contact center's overall performance, so dealing with this growing scourge has become a critical business issue. When real customers are unable to get the help they need and expect because agents are tied up handling no-value spoof, dead air, robocalls, or fraud calls, customer satisfaction plummets and the customer experience is degraded. What's more, we're finding that a large percentage of those callers have criminal intent as they see the customer support agent as a convenient gateway to valuable organizational and customer data. Contact centers are looking for their [contact center-as-a-service] provider to help them solve this problem."

Mutare's application is now available with Genesys Cloud CX.

"It is our mission to bring an end to the damaging effect of both nuisance and nefarious calls by offering our award-winning Voice Traffic Filter solution to the CCaaS market," French added. "We are absolutely thrilled about what this partnership means for us, Genesys, and the customers we mutually serve."