Mutare Partners with Five9

Mutare, a provider of voice threat defense, has partnered with Five9, making its Voice Traffic Filter available on the Five9 CX Marketplace and enabling contact centers to integrate its solution for eliminating unwanted phone calls with the Five9 Intelligent CX Cloud Contact Center.

The Five9 Intelligent CX platform facilitates billions of call minutes annually and provides digital engagement, analytics, workflow automation, workforce optimization, and practical artificial intelligence.

Unwanted voice traffic in the form of robocalls, spoof calls, spam calls, voice spam storms, vishing and social engineering has become a rapidly growing cybersecurity threat vector, and many organizations have been slow to react. In the United States, 5.4 billion robocalls are made each month, and vishing attacks are up 550 percent. These unwanted calls are a detriment to customer experience, call initiation, agent productivity, and the contact center's overall performance, according to Mutare.

"The telephone continues to be the most critical component of a world-class omnichannel experience," said Chuck French, Mutare's chief growth officer, in a statement. "Our mission is focused on protecting not just the voice channel but the people who trust in it each and every day."

"Five9 is committed to collaborating and working with our partners to provide solutions that help our customers in this ever-changing digital world," said Patrice DeLorey, global partner sales manager at Five9, in a statement.. "With the rise in spam calls it is critical we help companies with identification, so customers answer calls or texts with confidence. We are very excited about this new partnership with Mutare."