Mutare Adds Contact Center Analytics and Reporting Solutions

Mutare has announced professional service and design support services for analytics and reporting on Avaya, Cisco, Microsoft, and Genesys contact center platforms.

"Every contact center customer call, email and chat contains invaluable insights,” said James Emanuele, practice leader at Mutare, in a statement. “That is of course if the right information is collected, analyzed, measured, reported and acted upon. This is no easy task when dealing with multiple data sources from disparate vendors."

Mutare's knowledge and experience with all major CC and UC platforms provides a single-source, well-coordinated and cost-effective service that assures optimal configuration and performance for contact center systems, including: 

  • Data warehouse development and implementation
  • Reporting data integration and application development
  • Custom analytic algorithms and applications
  • Mobile applications and development
  • CRM Integration
  • IVR Integration

"Anybody can sell you a workforce management optimization platform, but nine out of 10 don't have the database sources to implement it correctly,” said James Emanuele, president, Mutare Contact Center & Advanced Integration, in a statement. “And if the existing data is not accurately captured or organized, the value is lost."