Mindshare Debuts VoC Solution Comment Poster

Mindshare Technologies, a provider of cloud-based Voice of the Customer (VoC) technologies, has released Comment Poster, an offering included in the company's reporting suite aimed at improving the customer experience across brand locations.

Using Mindshare Technologies' text analytics technology to present insights from customer reviews, Comment Poster enables clients to highlight key issues at individual locations, focus their actions for improvement and recognize employees that deliver excellent customer service.

Customer reviews are aggregated for each location to Comment Poster from Web surveys, audio recordings of interactive voice response (IVR) comments and transcoded IVR comments using Mindshare Technologies' speech to text conversion capabilities. Comment Poster leverages text analytics to examine the length, sentiment and actionable concepts behind each customer review and then organizes customer comments by positive or negative comments, individual staff member mentions and key tags (e.g. "friendly service," "food taste/quality," etc.).

To ensure the voice of the customer is always heard by the staff members directly tasked with delivering the customer experience (e.g., cashiers, waiters, sales associates, nurses, etc.), Mindshare recommends its clients, including major brands in the food services and retail industries, print out the Comment Poster for display in employee common areas. Similar in appearance to an infographic, Comment Poster serves as a highly visible, weekly reminder of customer feedback.

With its easy-to-use format, Comment Poster is designed so that every employee can benefit from customer experiences. Comments are subtly indexed to enable location or area managers to quickly find applicable comments. Comments are also purposefully separated to allow managers to reward high-performing employees in public and coach underperforming employees in private.

"Customer comments are virtual goldmines for ongoing tips on how to improve the experience at brand locations, and Comment Poster brings these valuable insights to the forefront," said Kurt Williams, chief product officer at Mindshare, in a statement. "The key element of Comment Poster is our advanced text analytics engine, which sources the customer comments, prioritizes them and presents a summary in a digestible way. We anticipate that Comment Poster will fast become a favorite tool for location managers in quickly assessing the pulse of customer sentiment and using their feedback to focus efforts on the most important areas."

Key elements of Comment Poster include:

  • Top 5 Tags - Integrated text analytics identify the customer issues that are coming up most frequently at the location. Comments are numbered and split into positive and negative sentiment for easy consumption by location managers and staff members.
  • Staff Mentions - Integrated text analytics extracts the names of top individual employees. Managers can use customer comments directed at employees for individual recognition or coaching.
  • Outstanding Comments - Comment Poster pulls the most outstanding recent comments (both positive and negative).

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Posted February 05, 2014