Mindsay Launches Customer Service Chatbot on Salesforce AppExchange

Mindsay today launched its Customer Service Chatbot on Salesforce's AppExchange, empowering companies to automate their customer experiences through conversational artificial intelligence capable of resolving a variety of customer requests, from simple FAQs to complex transactions.

Mindsay's unique integration with Salesforce allows agents to enter and exit conversations and create cases in Salesforce. If the case needs to be escalated to an agent, the chatbot sends full details to the agent's desktop.

"We're thrilled to launch Mindsay's Customer Service Chatbot on Appexchange. Enhancing our integration with Salesforce aligns perfectly with our mission to enable companies to provide simple, efficient customer service at any time," said Guillaume Laporte, co-founder and CEO of Mindsay, in a statement.

Thalys, the French-Belgian high-speed train operator, is leveraging the integration with Salesforce to fully automate its claims and reimbursement processes, as well as provide an efficient agent handover when needed.

"Mindsay's technology allows us to constantly improve and innovate. Their integration with Salesforce significantly boosts our agents' productivity and has cut down time to resolution. This ultimately allows us to better serve our customers," said Stephan Kramer, customer service program manager at Thalys, in a statement.