Microsoft Taps Gold Systems

Gold Systems, a unified communications and speech recognition technology provider, announced that its Vonetix 7 Voice solution will serve as the new platform for Microsoft to develop many of its voice self-service applications serving customers calling about Microsoft products and services.

Microsoft IT is planning to migrate all of its existing voice self-service applications running on Microsoft Speech Server to V7V, which is based on Microsoft Unified Communications Managed API 4.0, allowing it to be integrated with Microsoft Lync.

“We have been working for Microsoft IT, the company’s internal information technology organization, for many years creating software that makes it easier for Microsoft customers, partners and employees to get support by calling 1-800-Microsoft and other support numbers,” said Gold Systems CEO Terry Gold, in a statement. “We are thrilled to now be delivering the Vonetix 7 Voice platform alongside the existing Unified Communications applications.”

Vonetix 7 Voice is a platform that can scale and flex to meet future needs such as multi-modal communications including Instant Messaging, Web chat and video conferencing. Vonetix 7 Voice helps improve the experience and efficiency of the business processes used by customer service agents and leveraging Microsoft Lync for CTI/Screen-Pop capabilities as calls are transitioned from the IVR to the contact center, creating a more responsive customer service experience, according to the company.

Included in Vonetix 7 Voice is Application Builder, a new tool that makes it easier for customers to create their own self-service applications. This, coupled with the lack of license fees for third-party speech engines, makes Vonetix 7 Voice very cost effective, the company said.