MiaRec Adds an Automatic Recording Announcement Feature

MiaRec, a provider of call recording and quality monitoring solutions, has added an automatic recording announcement feature to the MiaRec call recording software for the Cisco Unified Communication platform for both inbound and outbound calls.

With MiaRec recording announcement functionality, customers will hear a pre-recorded message notifying them that the call might be recorded.Companies can customize this message based on their unique requirements. This announcement is recorded into an audio file together with a conversation that can be used later as proof that both parties were notified about call recording.

Additionally, MiaRec supports flexible filters that can exclude some call scenarios from recording announcements.

"In the past, companies had to switch off recording for outbound call scenarios in order to meet legal requirements," said Gennady Bezko, CEO of MiaRec, in a statement. "With MiaRec software solutions, companies can now record any call scenario and stay compliant with recording laws."