Medallia Acquires Stella Connect

Medallia, a provider of customer experience management, will acquire Stella Connect, a provider of real-time feedback, coaching and quality management platforms for customer service teams. The deal is valued at $100 million.

"At Stella Connect, we believe that customer service agents are vital, high-value professionals who can provide great customer experiences. With Medallia, we will be able to connect agent coaching to feedback and accelerate our vision to play bigger and faster than we could have ever imagined," said Jordy Leiser, co-founder and CEO of Stella Connect, in a statement. "Bringing our solutions together will create an incredibly exciting and comprehensive platform to transform the old economy contact centers to the virtual customer service teams they aspire to become."

"Combining Stella Connect with Medallia Experience Cloud and Medallia's new speech technology creates the work-from-anywhere contact center. Increased automation of contact center workflow lets agents focus on higher-value, higher-priority interactions, addressing industry-wide high staff turnover," said Leslie Stretch, president and CEO of Medallia, in a statement. "With Stella and Medallia, we can turn contact centers into virtual service centers by connecting feedback to coaching action in live time."