Marchex Launches Conversation DNA

Marchex, a provider of conversation intelligence, has launched Marchex Conversation DNA, enabling voice and text conversation decoding, scoring, categorization, and signal delivery across every Marchex conversation intelligence product. It is also the underlying technology that develops the AI-signals and makes them available to virtually any business via the Marchex Anywhere integrations hub.

"With Conversation DNA, businesses can now surface invaluable sales and consumer intent signals from conversations across voice and text," said Ryan Polley, Marchex's chief operating officer, in a statement. "And we can deliver this intelligence faster than ever before."

Conversation DNA uses Marchex's artificial intelligence infrastructure to uncover relevant insights, from a library of more than 1 billion minutes of voice conversations and hundreds of millions of text messages the company processes each year.

When customers call or text a business, Conversation DNA identifies consumer intent, context, urgency, product or service of interest, appointment scheduling outcome, and payment preferences.

Conversation DNA can also show why sellers fail to book appointments.

"Marchex Conversation DNA embodies the power of artificial intelligence by surfacing relevant, actionable insights from consumer-to-business conversations to help sales, customer engagement, and marketing teams solve their real-world business challenges," Polley said. "Businesses of all sizes and across verticals stand to benefit significantly from underlying technology that can quickly turn data and insights into specific actions that can positively affect both customer experience and the company's bottom line."