Loyalty Builders Debuts Customer Opportunity Analysis Tool

Customer analytics provider Loyalty Builders has rolled out Customer Opportunity Analysis (COA), a solution intended to deliver a clearer picture of customer sets.

Several of the measurements are only possible because Loyalty Builders analyzes at the individual level: risk score, likely buyer score, loyalty score, cross-sell propensities, up-sell probabilities and revenue at risk all reveal information about customers that not only was unknown, but that could not have been calculated.

“We examine the purchase behavior of every single customer, individual by individual,” said Mark Klein, CEO and founder, Loyalty Builders, in a statement. “This approach delivers a much clearer view of what customers are doing than looking at what customer segments alone can give you.”

COA diagnostics give details on customers’ buying behaviors, engagement and purchasing patterns, revealing potential revenue opportunities. A COA looks at 11 measurements to evaluate how well a company’s customer asset is being managed. Measurements include: customer lifetime value, revenue at risk, retention, churn, cross-sell efficiency, cross-sell opportunities, up-sell opportunities, breadth of purchase profile, existing customer activity, loyalty profile and likely buyers. The analysis is delivered by Loyalty Builders in a private webinar as a detailed PowerPoint report of key findings and insights.