LiveVox Launches the Agent Certification Experience Program

LiveVox, a provider of cloud contact center solutions for enterprises, announced the launch of its Agent Certification Experience (ACE) program, a self-navigated program providing contact center agents with training and best practices for the LiveVox platform.

The Web-based training program consists of six videos, five quizzes and a final exam and covers major themes including LiveVox Agent Desktop usage, dialing options, and call handling tools. The average completion time requirement for each agent is 45 minutes. The easy-to-follow program requires minimal managerial oversight and can be completed from remote locations. Upon completion, the agent will be issued an approved Certificate of Completion, equipping the agent with the proper skills to navigate the LiveVox Cloud platform.

“Our long-standing vision at LiveVox is to eliminate the hurdles that restrict contact centers from focusing on being competitive,” said LiveVox CMO John McNamara in a statement. “This is true in terms of both technology and service. The automated program was designed to not only provide the necessary skills needed by contact center agents using our platform, but also significantly minimize the training workload of managers.”