LiveVox Launches Version 15 of Its Contact Center Platform

LiveVox, a provider of cloud-based customer service and digital engagement tools, has released Version 15 of its contact center platform to leverage data insights and collaboration.

"The sheer number of customer data applications available to organizations today provides both great benefits and great challenges," said LiveVox co-founder and CEO Louis Summe in a statement. "On one hand, organizations have significant, actionable data available to create a better customer journey and improve agent experience. This influx of channels, however, can create disparate silos and create more work for agents, causing increased frustration for a field that already experiences high turnover rates. Our latest release, combined with our approach to data management and integration, helps alleviate these pain points for our customers. We're focused on improving agent experience, thereby improving customer experience, providing meaningful access to holistic data and insights and enhanced omnichannel capabilities."

LiveVox's unified data capabilities, included with Version 15, provide improved experiences for customers and agents.

Version 15 of the LiveVox platform builds on three core capabilities: agent experience, access to data and insights, and omnichannel messaging.

Highlights of LiveVox 15 include the following:

  • Specific user interfaces for back-office (knowledge) workers with streamlined workflows, access to call history, and personalization options.
  • A holistic view of the customer journey, with the ability to overlay customer information with data from across the operation to carry out complex analyses and segmentations.
  • New and enhanced digital messaging capabilities for agents and accompanying access to dashboards and data that allow supervisors to manage and monitor activity.