LivePerson Adds Generative AI to Conversational Cloud

LivePerson, a provider of artificial intelligence-powered customer engagement solutions, has enhanced its Conversational Cloud platform to help companies leverage generative AI and conversational AI together.

LivePerson's Knowledge AI will be enhanced to include generative capabilities from OpenAI to help users understand and process conversations. By connecting generative AI to LivePerson's Conversation Assist system, companies can leverage generative outputs. And LivePerson's Agent Productivity tools will leverage generative AI models such as chatGPT for features including auto-summarization, auto-completion, and customer journey tracking.

"With the debut of chatGPT's [large language models] and other generative AI technologies driving intense public interest in AI capabilities, enterprise brands are scrambling to leverage them in conversational experiences to generate better business outcomes," said LivePerson's founder and CEO, Rob LoCascio, in a statement. "While these models are incredibly exciting, they also pose serious safety, security, and ethics challenges, especially in regulated industries. Selecting partners that can help manage these risks while delivering the most benefit from generative AI will quickly become a business imperative for all kinds of enterprises."