LiveOps Rolls Out Cloud Contact Center Apps to Users

LiveOps, a cloud contact center and customer service solutions provider released announced two new packaged applications for Salesforce users at the Salesforce1 World Tour.

LiveOps Voice Advantage and LiveOps Outbound Advantage, now listed on AppExchange, bring the power of inbound and outbound voice interactions to Salesforce users. The two new cloud contact center applications leverage OpenCTI to seamlessly integrate full-featured voice capabilities within Salesforce to help organizations of all sizes deliver more engaging customer experiences while improving profitability.

The LiveOps Voice Advantage app is the first telephony application in AppExchange to leverage WebRTC technology to transform any browser into a full-featured phone without the need for additional hardware, software or plug-ins. It offers an embedded phone panel for powerful inbound and outbound call control, real-time screen pop for complete visibility into customer record data, integrated call recordings embedded within Salesforce records and bi-directional data exchange and sync between LiveOps and Salesforce.

LiveOps Outbound Advantage is a new outbound dialing solution for contact centers that includes a unique “Lead Upload” tool to generate on-the-fly outbound campaigns. Lead Upload enables inside sales managers to easily create call lists based on pre-defined criteria, such as deal size or industry. The filtered leads are then automatically uploaded to a LiveOps dialer campaign for immediate agent follow-up, increasing the number of calls handled by each agent and reducing call duration.

Both LiveOps Voice Advantage and LiveOps Outbound Advantage are available now in the AppExchange. Managed applications on the AppExchange are fully upgradable, with updates made automatically available to all users. They also provide increased security by protecting the source code of the application.