Lionbridge Unveils GeoFluent Interpreter Direct

Lionbridge Technologies, a translation and digital communications company, today introduced GeoFluent Interpreter Direct, a suite of services for firms in need of real-time interpretation for customer phone calls.

By cutting the number of handoffs between callers, service agents, and interpreters, GeoFluent Interpreter Direct eliminates the need for customers to communicate with brand agents of a different language without an interpreter already on the line to facilitate the interaction.

The new features of GeoFluent Interpreter Direct include the following:

  1. Click-to-Call, which provides non-native speakers with one-click access to interpreters from a website or app;
  2. Hosted Language Interactive Voice Response, which enables companies to publish language-specific phone numbers;
  3. The Interpreter Anywhere mobile app for iOS and Android devices, which provides one-click access to interpreters; and
  4. Escalate to Interpreter functionality, which identifies when digital interactions need to be escalated to voice. Organizations using a GeoFluent-enabled chat platform can escalate to voice directly from a digital communication channel. Contact center or service desk representatives can share necessary context with the interpreter.

"Organizations focused on customer experience recognize that traditional [over-the-phone interpretation], which is voice only, is inefficient for agents and provides a high-effort and frustrating experience for consumers. Brands have made significant investments to improve customer experience, yet if you don't speak the primary languages supported by the brand, you continue to have a high-effort, inefficient, and difficult interaction experience. GeoFluent Interpreter Direct is a significant step towards providing all language speakers with a great and seamless customer experience," said Tom Tseki, vice president and general manager of customer care solutions at Lionbridge, in a statement.

GeoFluent Interpreter Direct is available as part of the GeoFluent Omnichannel/Omnilingual Suite, which enables contact centers and service desks to support all languages across voice, chat or email.