Lightico Launches Instant Consent on Terms & Disclosures

Lightico, a provider of contact center customer collaboration technology, has launched Instant Consent on Terms & Disclosures to replace lengthy, error-prone agent scripts with instant, digital acknowledgments of terms and disclosures.

Lightico claims that its Instant Consent on Terms & Disclosures reduces average handle times by 25 percent, simplifies compliance and auditing, and improves customer experience with a single click. The new feature enhances Lightico's existing call center capabilities, which include instant in-call collection of forms, signatures, documents, payments, and real-time identity verification from customers' mobile devices.

"This critical call center capability empowers businesses to improve their call center performance and their customers’ experiences," said Zviki Ben Ishay, CEO of Lightico, in a statement. "With instant, digital consent on terms and disclosures, call center leaders can dramatically impact sales speed, service levels, and Net Promoter Scores."