Kustomer Launches Customer Support Platform

Kustomer today launched its cloud-based customer-experience platform for unifying customer information.

"Our goal is to tear down the silos that limit customer support teams. We want bring everything together in one place so that they can deliver a better level of support and enjoy doing it," said Brad Birnbaum, CEO and co-founder of Kustomer, in a statement.

Kustomer's platform integrates data from events, including site visits, transactions (online purchases), and conversations that happen across channels, including texts, email, and socia media,l together in one actionable platform. It includes the following:

  • Customer Timeline: Users can see these data types in one timeline interface for each customer. This is made possible by an integration between the Kustomer platform and third-party e-commerce tools.
  • Smart Workflows: Users can design customized processes for serving different groups of customers with steps triggered by or influenced by specific types of data.
  • Deep Customer Insights: Support teams can get richer insights into their customers with reports that blend data from a variety of sources and services.
  • Custom Objects: Users can create unique custom fields that are personalized for their businesses.
  • Snoozing: Agents can set triggers for returning to a customer in the future.

Kustomer has been piloting its platform since early summer. It has already been adopted by a growing list of companies, including Crisis Textline, Dolls Kill, Headline Shirts, Healthiest, Hudl, LeadMethod, Motiv, Outdoor Voices, Stock Twits, Tarin Thomas, True Facet, and WP Ninjas.

"Our goal is to be our customers' friend and advocate, and the Kustomer timeline helps us do just that," said Charlie Taft, customer experience director at Outdoor Voices, a maker of technical apparel for recreation, in a statement. "With a complete picture of the customer, and not the one-off, isolated ticket view, we're able to efficiently provide robust, personal service."

Kustomer also announced an introductory period during which all customers will be able to use the platform for free until the end of March.

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For customer service software newcomer Kustomer, the goal is to eliminate silos and provide a more holistic customer support offering. The company just secured $26 million in Series B funding to make that happen.

Posted June 15, 2018