Kustomer Introduces KustomerIQ

Kustomer, providers of a cloud-based customer service platform, today introduced KustomerIQ, embedding artificial intelligence across the Kustomer platform.

KustomerIQ uniquely integrates machine learning models and other advanced AI capabilities with the Kustomer platform's data, workflow, and rules engines. It brings together a wide breadth of artificial intelligence methods, such as machine learning, natural language processing (NLP), predictive analytics, deep learning, and multidimensional neural network mappings.

Through KustomerIQ, companies will be able to automate manual, repetitive tasks and essential processes of their customer service experiences. In addition, KustomerIQ helps companies manage knowledge during a service inquiry by surfacing relevant insights and predicting future outcomes to enhance customer self-service, facilitate real time intervention through recommendations, and streamline proactive outreach.

Kustomer IQ includes the following features:

  • Automated Conversation Classification, to categorize and classify conversations using machine learning and attributes of the conversation and customer;
  • Queues and Routing to the most appropriate agent using conversation classification, agent skills, and overall team capacity to drive the machine learning model;
  • Customer Sentiment Analysis, using natural language processing to read messages between customers and agents and quantify how a customer feels about a brand in real time;
  • Automatic Language Detection, to identify the language being used in a conversation and then route the customer to an agent who speaks the language. In addition, if a company has pre-written responses (shortcuts) set up in multiple languages, those responses will automatically switch to the language used by the customer.
  • Suggested Agent Shortcuts to provide recommended pre-written responses to agents based on conversation and customer attributes;
  • Customer Self-Service, which automatically suggests help articles from a company's knowledge base; and
  • Workforce Management, which can predict future conversation volume and staffing needs based on historical and trend data. It can also assist in identifying training needs by providing insights into areas where agents are deficient.

"In today's crowded market, excellent customer service is often the differentiator that builds loyalty and trust between one brand to another," said Brad Birnbaum, co-founder and CEO of Kustomer, in a statement. "With KustomerIQ and the inclusion of artificial intelligence and machine learning into our omnichannel platform, Kustomer will now go even further in helping brands automate their business processes, while making it easier for their agents to take action on customer information, ultimately developing a stronger and more profitable customer relationship."

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