Kore.ai Adds Generative AI and Large Language Models in XO Platform V10.0

Kore.ai, a conversational artificial intelligence company, has released Kore.ai Experience Optimization (XO) Platform Version 10.0.

The upgrade enables open integration with enterprise systems, allows for the deployment of intelligent virtual assistants, and can be continuously scaled and enhanced.

One of the key features in this release is the ability to enable large language models (LLMs) such as OpenAI's GPT-3 and other generative AI technologies for the design, development, and management of virtual assistants without initial training data. It will help companies design conversations, create training data, test data, and rewrite responses with emotion.

In addition, the 10.0 platform version offers more than 100 pre-built integrations with enterprise applications and a new conversation insights dashboard that can proactively identify new opportunities for automation and flag training inconsistencies. An improvised feedback module tied to the conversation interactions enables companiesto better correlate insights with conversations.

"Our customers have been deploying highly complex use cases involving voice automation, personalization, omnichannel experience, and fulfillment," said Kore.ai CEO and Founder Raj Koneru in a statement. "This has underscored the need for a perpetual cycle of improvisation for virtual assistants in terms of ease of development, training, scalability, personalization, and performance, which we have addressed with some of the industry-first innovations in V10.0. Also, by creatively tapping into the potential of generative AI models like GPT-3 and other LLMs, we've paved the way for future innovations."

"Generative AI models can come up with contextual content based on pre-trained data," said Kore.ai Chief Technology Officer Prasanna Kumar Arikala in a statement. "These technologies greatly simplify the way virtual assistants are built and managed. This is a great step forward for the industry and will no doubt lead to better customer experiences."