Khoros Launches Customer Care Cloud

Khoros, a provider of digital customer engagement software, has launched the Khoros Customer Care Cloud, which unites bots, self-service knowledge, and agent support into one conversational customer experience harnessing generative artificial intelligence and automation to bring the best answers and information to customers.

Khoros Customer Care Cloud also enables companies to unleash high-value data from every customer interaction into a safe, self-learning system.

By coupling genAI with real-world conversation data, an orchestration framework, and omnichannel engagement tools, Khoros unlocks self-service automated care that scales.

"Today marks a pivotal moment for the future of customer service, and for our company," said Chris Tranquill, CEO of Khoros, in a statement. "The Khoros Customer Care Cloud is not just promising efficiency. We're creating a paradigm shift where it's feasible that up to 80 percent of customer problems can be resolved without a single agent, while delivering a game-changing self-service customer experience. This represents not just an evolution in customer service, but a shift that will make self-service the preferred option and deliver massive contact center savings. The platform will be the culmination of years of innovation and a testament to the transformative power of generative AI combined with our enterprise-class digital customer engagement suite. I'm incredibly excited about this next frontier for our customers and for Khoros."