Khoros Integrates with Amazon Connect

"Customers demand tailored experiences from the brands they love, and Khoros in your contact center ensures you can deliver a truly personalized and positive customer experience. Leveraging AI and Khoros CX Insights, our platform harnesses data that exists across millions of customer interactions so that agents using Khoros can build trust and make the customer feel valued while providing a superior agent experience. With Khoros, every brand can provide personalized customer service across all channels without doubling contact center staff," said Jack Blaha, CEO of Khoros, in a statement.

Khoros is built on AWS. By integrating with Amazon Connect’s cloud contact center technology, Khoros now provides omnichannel experiences that are personalized, contextual, and seamless across all channels. Users can engage with customers via messaging and voice in a single experience, transcribe voice to text, make changes to interactive voice response (IVR) automation, and deliver inbound and outbound callbacks — all within the Khoros platform. 

"We are excited to integrate with Amazon Connect and give our customers a complete omnichannel engagement platform," added Chris Tranquill, chief of strategy at Khoros, in a statement. "Together, brands will be able to engage with and gather real-time insights about their customers across all channels on a flexible, modern platform purpose-built for a digital world."