Kana Releases Updated E-Mail Response Management Solution

Kana has launched Response 13R1, the latest version of its email response management solution.

New and improved features including integration with Kana Experience Analytics to help customer support managers tap into the Voice of the Customer for more nuanced and timely email.

KANA Experience Analytics uses advanced natural language processing to analyze the text of Kana Response emails. This analysis produces a dashboard of essential information such as trends, emerging topics, and customer sentiment. By automatically discovering emerging topics in incoming emails, agents can respond in a more nuanced and timely fashion, identify critical issues quickly, and create the necessary knowledge articles or fixes to resolve issues before additional customers are affected. The Kana Experience Analytics dashboard was designed to create a more efficient contact center with far greater insight into the VOC, and ensures more proactive customer service.

In addition to analyzing the text of KANA Response emails, the tool can be used to analyze text from other sources, including Facebook, Twitter, customer forums, and chat transcripts. Leveraging these varied data sources to provide supervisors with a view of the VOC—what customers are looking for, how they are feeling, and what they are saying about a company's products and services.

Kana Response features enhancements including support of First Call Resolution and Agent Productivity including improved usability and productivity within the agent desktop and improved spam handling to further reduce clutter from queues. Increased message metadata is now visible to agents and message display enhancements deliver improved HTML message readability.

The latest version of KANA Response also includes advanced support for multilingual messages, including improved Japanese language handling and the addition of Norwegian language support. Response now also handles international characters stored in AL32UTF8 and extended UTF-8 Unicode character sets.