Kakapo Systems Launches SMS Queues for Unity Contact Center

p>Kakapo Systems, a developer of cloud-based unified communications and contact center applications for the Cisco BroadSoft platform, has released SMS Queues for Cisco's Unity Contact Center.

Unity Contact Center allows BroadSoft-based service providers to add email, web chat, Twitter, and call back queues to their voice-centric BroadSoft platform. The addition of SMS extends this multichannel sales and service capability to cell phones.

The new SMS channel is tightly integrated with the existing Unity Contact Center suite. Providers can also leverage integrations with Telestax, Nexmo, or Twilio to immediately deploy both SMS Queues and point-to-point SMS for Unity users. All numbers are assigned within the Unity Portal for a one-step provisioning process. All previous conversations, regardless of media, are presented to the agent with the SMS. As with other Unity Media Streams, all incoming SMS are automatically logged into leading CRM platforms with a full transcript of the conversation.

"Agents need context and the full customer history to be able to deliver an effective customer service response. The customer may SMS to chase an order that they placed by email, having first inquired over web chat. We push this complete transaction journey to the agent where they can open all previous customer touch points. We call this Cloud Personas," said Steve Tutt, marketing director at Kakapo Systems, in a statement. "As we deepen the solution stack with our omnichannel offering, we are helping SMBs map their incoming customer contact. SMS Queues is an extension of this framework where we plan to add new media streams for all external interaction channels."