KANA Gets Government Online With Digital First Citizen

KANA has launched LAGAN Web Self-Service, a solution designed to provide citizens with access to government information from any Web browser-enabled device to support government digital channel-shift strategies that improve service and reduce costs.

LAGAN Web Self-Service was designed to remove citizen communication barriers, ensuring Web-enabled government services are fully integrated, secure, accessible and ready for consumption by today's latest devices. The KANA open services interface helps organizations maximize convenience by making services available via applications citizens use daily, such as social networking sites, online banks or online supermarkets.

KANA Responsive Web design technology provides LAGAN Web Self-Service is device and operating system agnostic, automatically optimizing content for viewing on a wide range of devices. Through just-in-time authentication, citizens only need to register and confirm their identity once to gain access to a wide variety of services. Additionally, GIS integration is provided supporting Google Map display.

LAGAN Knowledge Management can be delivered as part of a LAGAN Web Self-Service solution so customers can retrieve ever-changing information about policies, regulations and services. This presents a significant opportunity to improve service experience and reduce the cost to serve, since up to 80 percent of face-to-face and contact center interactions are information requests, according to KANA. LAGAN Web Self-Service will be available this month.

"Severe budget constraints and citizen demand for more transparency have forced governments worldwide to rethink how to manage many public services and do more with less," said David Moody, head of worldwide product strategy for public sector, KANA, in a statement. "Given widespread use of the Internet, social media and mobile technologies, citizens have come to rely on the convenience of self-service channels in many areas of their lives, and expect this same efficiency in their government interactions. With LAGAN Web Self-Service, government agencies can implement a 'Digital First' framework that opens access to services while complementing existing in-person, phone, email or white mail channels."