Jacada Visual IVR for Cisco Unified Customer Voice Portal Features Touch Interface

Jacada has released Visual IVR for Cisco. Designed to improve  traditional Voice IVR customer experiences, the solution significantly reduces call times, reduces inbound call volume and improves customer satisfaction by offering a convenient way for customers to touch their way through a traditional IVR on their smartphone instead of listening to voice prompts.

Jacada Visual IVR for Cisco works seamlessly with an organizations existing Cisco Unified Customer Voice Portal IVR, allowing for a quick implementation. By reusing the existing voice IVRs there is no need to develop new customer interactions which further improves the return on investment.

Jacada Visual IVR for Cisco offers consumers more options for resolving questions or issues. Users can select menu options visually instead of listening for which keys to press, and experience advanced self-service capabilities with rich features available on today’s mobile devices.

The solution works with an existing Cisco Unified Customer Voice Portal deployment to re-use and extend integrations and applications already deployed. This enables a very short time to deployment and low cost to configure, Visual IVR solution. The product also bridges the gap between self-service and traditional voice channels by allowing customers to seamlessly connect to a live agent to complete the interaction without having to repeat information.

“We’ve seen a tremendous shift in communication patterns over the last four years and customers are demanding improved access to organizations via their mobile devices,” said Guy Yair, co-CEO, Jacada, in a statement. “This growth in mobile devices has been the impetus for us to design a new way for customers to visually interact with an IVR in a convenient touch manner they have become accustomed to.”