Jacada Offers Priceline.com Call Scripting Solution

Jacada, a provider of customer service technology, announced that it will be working with Priceline.com, to provide call center scripting technologies for Priceline.com's customers.

To support existing customer service efforts, priceline.com will use Jacada Agent Scripting. The agent scripting tool will enable Priceline.com to easily create call center scripts and business rules that are instantly deployed to agents, monitored and fine tuned in real time.

Jacada Agent Scripting technology provides additional organizational benefits for its clients such as operational cost reduction, integration with back-end systems, and compliance enforcement.

"By quickly delivering the most relevant content to an agent during any given call, we expect that the utilization of Jacada Agent Scripting will enhance the experience of customers who have a need to contact us after making a reservation," said Lisa Gillingham, senior vice president, operations and customer service, Priceline.com, in a statement.