Intradiem and SKWeston & Co. Partner

Customer service technology provider Intradiem is partnering with SKWeston & Co., a contact center outsourcer, consultant, and professional services firm.

"We are excited to combine Intradiem's unique solution with SKWeston & Co.'s contact center consulting practice and market reach," said Haresh Gangwani, Intradiem's executive vice president of strategic alliances, in a statement. "This alliance leverages the Intradiem platform and SKWeston & Co.'s state-of-the-art solution design to provide a powerful solution that eliminates any need for improving forecasting and scheduling, resulting in significant cost savings for customers."

"Intradiem's solution is well-known and highly unique in the industry. This partnership will provide us the capability to solve two of the most pressing challenges of our contact center clients: cost reduction and home working," said Steve Weston, managing partner of SKWeston & Co., in a statement.