Intradiem Awarded U.K. Patent for Call Center Data-Handling Capabilities

Intradiem, a provider of automation solutions for contact center and back-office customer service teams, has received a patent from the U.K Intellectual Property Office for its technology to capture data generated by contact centers and leverage it to trigger automated responses to fluctuating conditions.

Intradiem technology can integrate with and access data from various systems. Intradiem captures data and runs it against pre-established thresholds that indicate acceptable performance boundaries for all processes. When conditions surpass threshold limits, Intradiem triggers automated adjustments to re-establish equilibrium.

The new patent protects Intradiem's unique ability to capture vast quantities of data and provide enhanced controls to maintain compliance with strict data storage requirements in various markets.

"This patent highlights Intradiem's unique ability to manage data and streamline the efficiency of responses to shifting conditions across the contact center," said Intradiem CEO Matt McConnell in a statement. "It also signals our commitment to protecting our proprietary technologies and generating maximum value for our customers and partners."