Intermedia Launches Archiving for Contact Center

Intermedia Cloud Communications has launched Intermedia Archiving for Contact Center, its omnichannel (phone, email, chat, SMS, and WhatsApp) cloud contact center solution.

Intermedia Archiving for Contact Center is an archiving solution for both unified communications and contact center (CC). Intermedia Archiving for Unite, Intermedia's all-in-one cloud unified communications platform, was released last year.

Intermedia Archiving for Contact Center provides historical access to contact center omnichannel communications, automatically preserving call recordings, chats, SMS, voicemails, email, screen recordings, transcriptions, sentiment data, and more. It retrieves these communications from across different channels thanks to a contextual search engine. To help ensure security, data within the Archiving service is encrypted in transit and at rest, access management is governed by role-based access control, and businesses can choose the data retention period, with options up to 10 years.

"At Intermedia, we are committed to empowering businesses with secure, reliable, cutting-edge solutions that significantly enhance their communication and collaboration as well as the customer experiences they deliver," said Irina Shamkova, chief product officer of Intermedia, in a statement. "With the launch of Intermedia Archiving for Contact Center, our UC and CC customers now have more holistic access to a repository of critical business data that can not only spark more informed communication, but also helps identify trends and insights that lead to more thoughtful operational and strategic decisions. And just as we do for our UC solution, we will offer 30 days of rolling retention for Contact Center data at no extra charge."