Interactive Intelligence Launches Interaction Supervisor iPad Edition

Interactive Intelligence Group, a global provider of software and customer experience solutions, has released its mobile Interaction Supervisor iPad Edition, that gives contact center supervisors and managers greater mobility for improved quality assurance.  

Interaction Supervisor iPad Editionoffers mid-size to large contact centers:

  • A configurable dashboard that gives supervisors untethered wireless access to real-time speech analytics scores and statistics, as well as service levels by workgroup, queue, agent and interval.
  • Real-time alerts that notify supervisors when pre-determined performance thresholds have been exceeded, such as average hold time.
  • Agent locator display that shows supervisors where agents sit, agent status (e.g. "at lunch," "in a training session," etc.), agent photos, and agent skill-sets.

"Contact center managers are more effective when they're on the floor, visible, and accessible to agents," said Interactive Intelligence chief marketing officer Joe Staples, in a statement. "However, the challenge has been that once out of his or her office, managers lose visibility into statistics needed to do the job. We designed Interaction Supervisor iPad Edition to help supervisors react more quickly to agent and customer issues wherever and whenever.”