IntelliResponse Launches Integrated CRM and Marketing Solution

IntelliResponse, providers of virtual agent technology, has rolled out OFFERS, an intent-based offer solution that presents real-time, customized promotions to customers in the context of a customer service interaction.

When a customer asks a question online through a virtual agent and receives an accurate, helpful answer, OFFERS then delivers a highly relevant offer, targeted to their immediate needs. This seamlessly and automatically guides the customer to explore new products or services and make purchases.

OFFERS leverages the power of customer permission – the moment when a customer voluntarily engages with a brand and is most receptive to timely, helpful and relevant offers. When combined with an exchange of value, such as an answer to a question, permission-based marketing greatly increases the odds of conversion and drives top-line revenue. It also builds trust with the customer by providing them with valuable, personalized information rather than unprompted marketing.

Using OFFERS, one of the ten largest banks in the U.S. was able to increase online conversion tenfold in an A/B test for cards, mortgages and accounts. A second top ten bank experienced a 46 percent increase in click-throughs, a 17 percent increase in applications started and a 16 percent increase in applications completed after implementing this transformative solution.

"Customer service is the new marketing," said David Lloyd, CEO of IntelliResponse, in a statement. "With OFFERS, we are integrating CRM and marketing functions into a single streamlined and automated process. Our technology brings together two important parts of the enterprise that have often operated in isolation from one another, making each more effective and productive."  

OFFERS can be integrated into a company's existing CRM system so that marketers can improve targeting and campaigns. Deploying natural language processing and patented intent-recognition technology, OFFERS is able to generate promotions for the consumer that are highly personalized and likely to convert to a sale. In addition to giving customers the answers they need, companies can anticipate future needs by cross-selling or upselling their own products or incorporating third-party advertising, thereby generating new revenue streams.

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Posted June 18, 2014