IntelePeer Integrates with Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service

IntelePeer has partnered with Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service to embed OpenAI GPT into its Communications Automation Platform and intelligent virtual assistant, SmartAgent, to help businesses fully automate customer interactions and improve operational efficiencies.

"Integrated with Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service, IntelePeer's Communications Automation Platform is transforming customer service, fully automating more than 80 percent of voice and messaging customer interactions," said IntelePeer CEO Frank Fawzi in a statement. "Through this collaboration, we aim to capitalize on the enhanced power of our platform embedded with Azure's generative AI to entirely transform the customer experience by providing a personalized interaction in a human-like manner. This is merely the tip of the iceberg of the impact that AI will deliver to communications automation and customer service."

IntelePeer's SmartAgent provides 24/7 intelligent call and message handling and delivers personalized self-service. The Azure-based large language model significantly improves SmartAgent's capabilities in multiple languages, enables it to adjust response styles, and provides dynamic responses.

IntelePeer delivers vertical and domain-specific virtual agents for such industries as healthcare, insurance, utilities, retail, financial services, and transportation and logistics.

"By working with Microsoft Azure, IntelePeer can significantly accelerate its generative AI innovation while streamlining AI model management. Coupled with the safety measures both companies have in place, IntelePeer will be able to bring solutions to market faster while giving their customers peace of mind knowing security levels are in place to safeguard their proprietary information," said Ali Dalloul, vice president of Azure AI at Microsoft, in a statement.