Indosoft Launches API for Multi-tenant Contact Center Software

Indosoft developers of Q-Suite, a multi-tenant contact center software for Asterisk, has released Web services API for enabling cloud services integration.

Providers of Cloud platform services can offer contact center services using Q-Suite and leverage the API to automate and simplify the service offerings.

External applications can automate administrative tasks using Q-Suite’s Web services API. Almost all functionality available through the standard administrative interface of Q-Suite are made available through Web services API.

These APIs cover everything from the setup of tenants to the day-to-day management of the contact center solution. Tasks such as the contact center ACD real-time and historical reporting as well as CRM integration to the Dialer and the ACD can be accomplished using the web services. Additional interfaces provide real-time and statistical feeds for activities such as work-force management (WFM) integration. As multi-tenant contact center software, Q-Suite allows role based access for tenant activities through its admin screens as well as through the API.

“Having a powerful web services API will empower Cloud service providers to automate and personalize the contact center services,” said Gabe Bourque, CEO,  Indosoft, in a statement. “From setting up phones within the multi-tenant PBX to controlling the multichannel queues for the tenants, the Web services API offer a powerful method for unifying the PBX and call center ACD operations within the cloud service platform."